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Polar Fox Outdoors

Premier Trailers & Skids For Fishing, Camping, and Hunting

Polar Fox Skid Houses


Polar Fox is born from a passion for high quality and superior function because we are like you and we demand the best in all we do!  The best materials, best workmanship, the widest range of options, and our honest customer service -all guarantee you are going to love your Polar Fox!

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Polar Fox All-Season Trailers


Low weight and a durable frame make it easy to haul to the lake, the woods, or a campground. The innovative rear door flips up for loading your ATV or other gear and doubles as a roof for bonus fishing and camping space. 

Why Polar Fox?

Quality & Beauty you will be proud to own.
True Composite Panel Walls, Ceiling, & Floor.  Stronger, more durable, and easier to clean after your big adventures.  NO ROT - NO FUSS.
Exclusive Materials such as anodized aluminum trim & premium acrylic windows.  Brightest interior in both daylight and artificial light.
Light weight is easy for highway towing, and let's you fish where other's can't get to.
Trims & Cabinets Manufactured In House from grey PVC with woodtone apperance.

Designed & Manufactured From Experience:

Polar Fox Outdoors, LLC serves our customers direct from our factory.  The Polar Fox team is built of highly experienced professionals, who have helped over one thousand customers with premier quality recreational vehicles.  In pursuit of our customer focused mission, we build every Polar Fox with precision and attention to detail so you can enjoy your time outdoors.


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