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Polar Fox Features



Polar Fox is born from a passion for high quality and superior function because we are like you and we demand the best in all we do!  The best materials, best workmanship, exclusive options and designs, and our honest customer service - all guarantee you are going to love your Polar Fox!

Durable.  Sleek.  Waterproof.  Lightweight!


Robust Skid Frame

The foundation of the Polar Fox skid house is an all aluminum ski and floor frame, meticulously welded for extreme strength!  Because our floor panels are bonded onto the skid frame, we gain strength beyond what you could imagine!  It's built for tough conditions ... now go fish!


Tough For Towing

The first thing thought of for towing is the hitch - and we made sure our hitch is tough with thick aluminum tube and deep welds.  We connect the hitch to 1/2" thick aluminum plate with grade 8 bolts.  And we made sure all that doesn't come off the house with interior reinforcement of the ski tubes where the plates are mounted.  Boasting a full 4" of clearance and no spray foam dragging underneath, the Polar Fox is best in class for towability!


Composite Panels

Our wall, ceiling, and the floor is constructed of 100% insulated panels.  This delivers the longest-lasting structure, with the easiest to clean surface, and as a bonus the best looks.  Don't be fooled by fiberglass sheets attached to aluminum tube because that's not insulated!  If you want a clean-finished interior without a ton of weight, then you have determined you want a Polar Fox.


Premier Door & Windows

I say Premier because there is nothing like these in the fish house market!  Our dual pane acrylic windows are designed for cold climate off road RV's which can be punished by rough and tough terrain.  That sounds perfect for a skid house!  These windows feature the strongest frame and the toughest acrylic ... plus they let in a ton of wonderful winter light.  Check out our panel built door with full length hinge and sides wrapped with aluminum channel - TOUGH & INSULATED IS HERE.

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Every Polar Fox is packed with the highest quality features you will need for a lifetime of extreme fishing performance!
  • Composite Panel Walls, Ceiling, & Floor

  • Woodgrain Floor Appearance Upgrade

  • Robust Aluminum Skid Frame

  • 3/8" UHMW Plastic Ski Skins

  • Tough A-Frame Tow Bar 

  • 2" Coupler

  • Front & Rear Pull Plates on Skis

  • Propane Carrier

  • Hose Hatch & Vents on Non-Furnace Units

  • Anodized Aluminum Exterior Trim

  • Service Door Built from Insulated Panel with Rv Lock/deadbolt

  • Superior Acrylic Windows - Dual Pane, Full Tilt Out,  Lock while Venting, Plus Built in Shade and Screen.

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