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Polar Fox
Skid Houses

The Premier Hard-Sided Ice Fishing House

Durable.  Sleek. Waterproof & Lightweight!


Polar Fox is born from a passion for high quality and superior function because we are like you and we demand the best in all we do!  The best materials, best workmanship, the widest range of options, and our honest customer service - all guarantee you are going to love your Polar Fox!

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The 2025 Skid House Models are now available for early buy.   This year we are bringing you the best of the best - 2 sizes with the Angler Plus interior, and 4 sizes with the Adventure Interior. 


A NEW LAYOUT is available in each size Adventure, called Model X, which perfectly aligns your fishing for sharing live sonar.  Each size features our incredibly comfortable premium sofa/sleeper furniture.  The Model X is all trimmed out inside with a new PVC color too!  


Very limited number of houses available in 2025 - lock one in with a down payment today.  Please call or email for more information.

  • Quality is Guaranteed as all manufacturing, including the panels, is completed at our own production facility in Pine River, MN!

  • Components, such as lighting and generator hookups, are always the highest quality.  Compare the details and you will see the difference.

  • Exclusive Windows - Superior strength Acrylic and frame. Perfect amount of tint.  Built in 100% blocking shade - not just a cover.

  • Interior wall color is a light grey - providing a nice contrast without sucking the daylight out.

  • Colorful PVC interior trim and mounting board with superior strength and modern appearance.  

Choose Your Interior Series

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Why Polar Fox?

Manufactured In Minnesota - Highest Quality Controls
True Composite Panel Walls, Ceiling, & Floor.  Fiberglass skin inside and outside outperforms aluminum
Exclusive Materials Such As Aluminum Corners & Premier Acrylic Windows
Brightest Interior In Both Daylight and Artificial Light
Trims & Cabinets Manufactured In House from grey PVC with woodtone apperance
Past builds are filled with great ideas from great customers.

Check out the Polar Fox gallery to see the inspiration for today's polar fox lineup!


Polar Fox Outdoors specializes in lightweight and warm ice fish houses.

We enjoy helping you get to your next fish dinner, with a ton of fun along the way! Please bring us your questions, ideas, and individual unique needs for planning and setting up your ice fishing system. It is important to match the fish house with your tow vehicle, so they work perfectly on the highway as well as the ice.

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