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Prices advertised are for cash or approved check. Down payments accepted to secure and hold a house for up to two weeks. Although we work hard to be perfectly accurate in our listings, misprints may happen and we reserve the right to adjust price or features or refund your money if there is any discrepancy.

Color: Blue

Size:  8' x 12'

Model:  H

Interior Series:  Adventure

Furnace:  Truma

Windows:  5

Holes: 8

Spear Hole:  None


The 812H Polar Fox features a huge 76" Premium sofa/sleeper an two pedestal fishing chairs.  The layout is designed to spread out up to 5 fishermen across the full length of the building, with everyone having a very comfortable spot to sit, and with everyone comfortably able to watch the TV or look out big bright windows.  


The Sofa/Sleeper is perfect for all day fishing comfort, but when you just need the afternoon nap or want to stay into the night listening to ratlle reels, you can easily roll it out and get a little sleep.  This is a popular family fish house as there is room to move and room to fish!


Skid 8'X12' Model H Adventure SN231037

$26,300.00 Regular Price